My Top Travel Tips

1. If you wanna feel free, behave like that. Book a flight and look for accommodation, when you reached your destination. There’s always a free room somewhere.

2. Ask the locals, that work in Hotels/Resorts for Tips, where to go next and how you get there. You have no idea, how much people are connected.

3. Ask your friends or people you’ve met for recommendations.

4. You looked up the Travel-warnings in your Federal Foreign Office? Forget about most of that BS. Talk to some Expats, what to do or don’t.

5. Use Facebook for your contacts you meet. There is NO alternative to stay in contact and receive Tips, where to travel next.

6. Stay in touch with the good people you meet. Yes, there are still some amazing individuals out there. You wouldn’t believe it….

7. Get a Travel insurance…it’s only 10 Bucks a year. When you get sick, the local doctors make you pay…

8. Scan your important documents and keep them in a central place, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Passport, Tickets, Reservations. Even when you loose the originals, you can access the copys from everywhere. AND you can share it with your travel buddy.

9. Share your experience with others.

10. Always be curious.

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