Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur

After the arrival at KLIA, there are three possibilities to reach the city, which is approx. 50km away from the airport. Take the Express Train, which takes 30 min, by taxi 1h or the bus.

When you have a domestic flight at the beginning of your vacation and have to go to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), there is a bus leaving, connecting the Gates.

For me, this is one the coolest cities in the world. What makes it so special, is the diversity of cultures and religions. It’s one of the greatest examples, how our world could work in spite of the differences.

Batu Caves during Thaipusam
Batu Caves during Thaipusam

Things to see
Of course, the main attraction are the Petronas Towers and the KLCC Shopping centre at the Basement. In case of a rainy day, you can visit the Cinema.
What also shouldn’t be missed are the Batu Caves. Between January and February the Hindus celebrate Thaipusam. At this time, it’s impossible to get in the caves because of the crouds, but the festival is really worth a visit.


Just rent a taxi and let the driver show you a couple of nice places. Just haggle a price before he starts to drive and pay him in the end.

A visit to the nightmarket in Chinatown is also worth a visit.


Places to stay
I always stayed at the Royal Bintang. It’s located at the end of Bukit Bintang, one of the main shopping areas. Quite cheap and nice rooms. (2010)

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