Bohol – Panglao

Dumaluan Beach
Dumaluan Beach

There are two ways to travel to Bohol. The first one is by plane from Manila and is a little bit more comfortable, when you just start your vacation.

The second one is by boat. Depends on the arrival time in Cebu, you can/have to stay a night there. I can recommend the Holiday Plaza Hotel, near Mango Square. To move on to Bohol, you take a Taxi to the Piers in Cebu. There are different companies, offering a ride. Better take the fast Ferries. You can find the schedule here.

Arriving in Tagbilaran, take a Taxi or Tricycle to Alona Beach, Panglao. Taxi-price should be around 300PHP, don’t pay more than 400PHP. After around 25 min you arrive in Alona.


The closer you get to the Beach, the more expensive the rooms get. If you want to stay as close to the Beach as possible for a good price, try the Oasis Resort. Cheaper options are in the Backroad of Alona. Try Alona Swiss or the Regents Park Resort. From there it is only a 5 min walk to the center.


A lot of good restaurants there. Just try and find your own taste…;)


There is a ATM in Alona, never had Problems with that one. Alternatively there are enough in Tagbilaran.


Is great and easy here. Most of the time good visibilities and interesting Things to see. Daytrips to Balicasac, Snake Island or Pamilacan are really worth the money.

Things to do

You should definitely spend a day for a Fulldaytrip to the Landside of Bohol. On this Trip, you’ll see the famous Chocolate Hills and the tiny Tarsier-Monkeys. Also, you can rent a boat, that takes you on a trip to Virgin Island or do some dolphin watching.


Personal Favourite: Rent a Motorbike, grab some drinks, food and sunscreen and head to Dumaluan Beach, next to the Bohol Beach Club.

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