Mindoro – Sabang


When you plan to go to Sabang, you fly in over Manila. It is more comfortable, to book a Pick-up-Service from the Resort you want to stay.

If you have done that, a travel Agent is waiting outside the Airport with a sign with your name or the name of the Resort. The ride by car is approx. 90 minutes down to Batangas, where the jetty is located. You can find the Jetty-timetable here. The ride on the boat is another 90 minutes. After you have arrived, you have to pay some kind of Conservation Fee, as long as I remember it was about 50 PHP. Then you walk to the place you stay.


The Biodiversity is just incredible in this place. They have got over 40 Divespots. From Fullday-Trips to Makro-Muck-Diving-Spots…almost every wish can be fullfilled.

Visbility was always between 10-30m.

Watertemperature between 26-28°

For me an absolute alternative to expensive Anilao.


Other things to do

A lot of Hotels and small Travel Agencies have various offers to spend your day. I prefer, organizing my own day. You can rent a Tricycle that takes you to White Beach or a waterfall. Either you can rent a Boat, to take you for some Beach-Hopping. Just ask the staff of your Hotel or a restaurant. Everybody has some kind of cousin or brother or knows somebody that wants to do some business. 😉

There are some nice Beaches on the left side of Sabang. Nice to spend the day.


Restaurants and Nightlife

Sabang is a quite developed place, but still Basic. There are very good places to eat. I will not recommend any places, just try it by yourself.

A little Highlight are the two floating bars. Nice to spend the sunset with a couple of beers…;) You can even order food, it’s delivered pretty quick.

For Partying I can recommend the small “Club” Venue.

The town should also be famous for it’s prostitution. As far as I can tell, the reputation is worse, than it really is. There are a couple of Hooker-Bars and Freelancers on the Walkway. But way not that aggressive as in some places in Thailand. You should, as a male, not have a seat alone at the beach after sunset….the Ladyboys are waiting for you there…;)


There is a ATM in Sabang, when you walk up the Hill, after the Castle Hotel. It is not always online. Another is in the town of Puerto Galera. That one is more reliable. It is a 10 min ride with a Tricycle.

You can find Moneychangers in some Hotels and a Western Union in the middle of the town.

Places to stay

I stayed in the Garden of Eden Resort, which includes Cocktail Divers. I can definitely recommend that place for a two or three week stay.

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