3D Printing? Hell Yeah!!!

So, I was looking for a Snoot for my underwaterflash, a Sea&Sea YS-D1. Started with the usual research on the Internet and checked the different Sites. The price ranged between 130€ up to over 400€. That wasn’t quite the Price, I wanted to pay for a piece of plastic for toying around.
I came across an alternative that got my attention. I found a 3D Model of a Snoot for my flash on www.warmungo.de. Now, you’ve got the Data but no 3D-Printer….no Problem, if you are up for a Experiment..:)
Goggled again, I found a site, where other people close to your Loction with a 3D-Printer, offer their Service, to print out your stuff.
Found someone, 15 Minutes away from me. Sent him the Data and he was willed to do the Job. Cost me just 20€ and the outcome was just amazing. He was even ok, to do it on a Sunday.
The site, I was ordering was www.3dhubs.com.

IMHO, that’s a pretty cool future and somehow a smack in the eye for the Industry.


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